11+ & SATS

The OE 11+ and SATs test English courses are delivered based on the English curriculum for students in Years 5 and 6 and past 11+ exams and SATs test questions. In order to improve their areas of weaknesses and consolidate their strengths. OE English teachers select CGP books and past papers questions to carry out English skills training at different levels on: vocabulary, punctuation, grammar, reading and understanding comprehension and writing to help students comprehensively improve their English application ability and exam skills.

OE 11+ and SATs exam mathematics lessons are taught by the OE mathematics teachers based on the English years 5 and 6 education curriculum. The teachers select previous 11+ and SATs exam questions to train basic problem-solving skills, according to students’ learning competence, OE appropriately promote and impart knowledge in advance, and help students build up interest and confidence in learning mathematics.

The 11+ and SATs English/maths Courses are suitable for primary school students in years 5-6.