Why teach with OE?

Benefits to working for OE Education:

  • Good pay

  • Flexible hours

  • Good communication with other team members

  • Quick lesson feedback

  • Understanding about the importance of the UK Christmas holiday to UK workers

  • Compliments are given to your work, when earned

  • Input and feedback is welcomed, to improve teaching and learning

  • You have a voice and you are listened to

  • You are encouraged in your work

  • OE Education is a supportive working community

  • Travel is possible

  • Promotion is possible for those who like to work

  • Subsidiary, or main income. You can teach, as much, or as little as you like!

Benefits of working from home as an OE teacher:

  • You can work in a more comfortable environment

  • You can work in jogging bottoms every day, as long you have a nice top on

  • You can do your household chores and shopping in between lessons

  • Your lunch menu expands dramatically and the cost drops

  • You don’t have to share a toilet

  • You can wake up late and still get to work on time

  • Never miss a delivery. Delivery drivers are extremely helpful, if you explain your work to them

  • Teach remotely, stay safe from Covid-19

Head of OE English Department: Miss Jones

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