OE English skills course

OE English teaching and research group refers to the English national curriculum for primary and secondary education in the UK, focusing on vocabulary, punctuation, grammar, spelling, reading and understanding comprehension and writing. OE focuses on these areas of learning through combining classroom teaching, classroom exercises and homework to consolidate students' English foundation skills and to help students develop an interest and confidence in their English learning.

OE Maths skills course

The OE mathematics teachers refer to the mathematics curriculum for primary and secondary education in the United Kingdom, and teach basic Mathematics from number knowledge, graphics and measurement, calculation and statistics to algebra and trigonometric functions, etc. Group teaching, class exercises and homework is combined to consolidate the students' mathematics foundation learning and help students develop their interest and confidence in learning mathematics.

The English/Maths Skills Courses are suitable for primary school students in years 3 and 4, and secondary school students in years 7-9.