Why study with OE?

OE brings young people together through education.

The ethos of OE is the belief that education and cultural exchange can help young people grow to be qualified and responsible global citizens.


To achieve this, OE delivers a range of courses, including English and Maths skills, exam preparation subject courses, and shorter educational programmes to promote young people's academic abilities and exam results.


These courses are taught either in OE Centre, or small and paired groups online. The OE teaching team are effective practitioners of peer learning theory. We encourage students to interact with others to attain educational goals, show respect to each other and develop mutual responsibility.


OE fosters educators and learners' network between UK and China, through our tailor-made exchange projects and provision of teaching and learning opportunities in both countries.


Studying at OE is an experience of verifying personal strength, sharing international and intercultural understanding and a celebration of difference.

Study at OE and witness our growth together.

Features of OE online and offline tutoring courses:

1. Our teachers are mainly PGCE qualified teachers and the majority of OE students are British Chinese.

2. Weekly set group lessons are up and running with homework and feedback after each lesson to cultivate good, long-term learning habits.

3. Students are arranged into classes according to their academic abilities. OE students can select a small size or bigger size class and are encouraged to help and support each other.

4. We refer to the 11+ and GCSE exam syllabus, also using past exam questions to strengthen the required knowledge points and train students' exam skills.

Some examples of student’s work produced during holidays can be seen on the website in our OE Blog section.

Entrance Exam Training Camp (2nd-25st August)

Taking place at OE Learning Centre (276 Picton Road, Wavertree, Liverpool, L15 4LP)

OE Online Courses (always available)

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