OE HSK Chinese Course is an HSK exam preparation course provided by an expertise Chinese teacher for OE students.

Enrollment target: students preparing for Level 2-4 HSK exams

Online tutoring for HSK/Chinese Proficiency Test

The HSK/Chinese Proficiency Test is the standardized test of standard Chinese language proficiency of China for non-native speakers such as foreign students. The test is administered by the Hanban, an agency of the Chinese Ministry of Education.

The HSK certificate is internationally recognised and having it is essential to boosting your opportunities if you plan on working or applying to university study in China or Chinese speaking countries. For younger learners in the UK, this course also helps students consolidate their knowledge in preparation for the GCSE Chinese exam.

  • The course is at 6 pm every Saturday and it lasts 90 minutes.

  • We use Zoom for online teaching.

The number of OE HSK online classes is limited and the opportunity is rare. OE students are given priority to register and have tuition discounts. Please contact Teacher Wu or Teacher Huang on Wechat to register, thank you!