Russell Group University Launch Pad Course

​​Date: August 2022 (3 days of residential summer camp)

Course 1:11th-13th August

Course 2: 18th-20th August

​Location: Apple Building, Manchester

Course Mentors: Helena Rand and Ms Huang

Course fee: £600 inc. VAT (Course+2 nights accommodation and 3 days meals)

Places available:5

Identifying your strengths and challenging your weaknesses to propel yourself confidently into the next stage of your academic career.

It is difficult for young people to know who you are and what you want to be. This summer camp will provide you with the tools you need to use your own strength to create an imaginative and successful portfolio to enhance your ability to make a successful application to a Russell Group university.

Course fee bank transfer detail:

Origin Education UK International Cultural Exchange Ltd

Sort Code: 20-51-81

Account number: 63714667

Payment reference: student's full name

About the course

An intensive training in application and interview criteria, technique and methods.

An insight into the expectations and current aims and objectives within the application process.


Looking at our own personality, strength and benefits. How to best convey why not only your research will benefit the university, but also you as an individual. What is exceptional about you.


Target: A Russell Group University, including G5 university admission. The course will be run with an organic and holistic approach, utilizing the expectations and needs of each individual student to create a unique and bespoke educational experience.

Features of the course:

For three days, the students and the mentor will live together. The course will take place in the Apple Building, Manchester, which is only 1.1 miles from Victoria train station. It is a great location for international students to explore the city of Manchester and take some time to study. 

Apart from doing research and preparing for their UCAS application, the students will experience urban life in the second largest city in England. Some places the students are going to visit during the course include: The University of Manchester, the Whitworth Art Gallery, Central Library, China Town,  John Rylands Library, the Midland, Ancoats, Manchester Arndale and Selfridges Manchester Exchange, National Football Museum, etc. 

Course Mentor Introduction

Hi, my name is Helena. I'm a lecturer in English, and I want to tell you about the three day course and it's a Russell Group Launch Pad for young students thinking about going either to do an undergraduate degree, a MA or a PhD postgraduate study.


The course will be run in Manchester and initially we are looking at your strengths and your weaknesses and how what you need as an individual to prepare yourself, for your academic career. So the three days will consist of an academic research, we will be going to museums and art galleries, we will be looking at how young people struggle to find the confidence and talk about themselves and their own strengths. So we will be doing this in a process that will be very individually based, it will be bespoke so at the beginning of the three days I will ask students to write down their own strengths and weaknesses and what they feel.


They need to find in the course what they would like to look for. What they feel that their weaknesses are. Whether it's being able to research, whether it's confidence, whether it's speaking or presenting whether it's working as part of a team, or just grammar and spelling. All of this can be written down and given to me and I will make sure that all of these criteria will be covered during the three days, that is, the individual greatness of this course.


So we will be going to a major hotel and looking at English culture and the differences between cultures and what you can bring as an individual. Talk about the cities of England you choose to study, whether it be Manchester, London, Oxford or Cambridge or Durham. Any of these Russell group universities and main universities, we will be geared towards your academic vigor in this area. So by the end of the three days, you will have formulated with your peers a presentation that will be shared and you will get feedback on.


Also be writing a mock UCAS form, so a form that you would fill out for university and you will be given feedback on this form, by the time you get to those three days, you will have all the skills to enable you to write down a proficient and excellent form. Then you will be given a mock interview, based on the information and this form. And you will be told how you do in this interview, you will be given feedback on your strengths and your weaknesses within the interview. So by the end of these three days, you will be professional and confident in the skills that you need in order to get yourself into a Russell group university and launch yourself on that path.


Thank you. Look forward to seeing you there.